Market Your New York Real Estate with the Emma Hao Team


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Personal Access, "Guanxi"

We invest our time in building consistent and trusting relationship with every client met. And we have worked hard to maintain a strong brand in the Chinese community both locally and in China. While relationships ("guanxi") help open doors and find new  opportunities, we back them up by providing the right and best tools to help you achieve your goals.

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Multi Social Media Channels

Social media fuels Chinese overseas real estate purchases and it is all about exposure. We market your properties through our established social media presence. Send, call, post and pay all in one place. Our team in fact closed a $13 million transaction on WeChat!                              


Professional Translation

Can you trust Google translate? We have a full house of native Chinese speakers who can help you market and present key features and information of your properties in the right language and right tone. 

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Custom Marketing Brochures

We create professionally and custom designed brochures complete with images, floor plans and full descriptions that highlight the best features of your properties.


Video Walk-throughs

In cases where buyers are not able to view the properties in person, we can create a full video walk-through of your properties and show your buyers all the distinctive details in entirety and at their best.

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24/7 Bilingual Customer Service

New York never sleeps and so do we. We can be reached via email, phone and of course social media whenever and wherever you need our assistance.