Chinese Market Potential for Your New York City Real Estate

New York City remains one of the top five destinations for Chinese real estate buyers. Chinese' appetite for US properties continues to grow despite capital controls introduced by the Chinese government in 2016. In 2017, Chinese bought a record high of US$31.7 billion worth of real estate, up from US$27.3 billion in 2016. Between April 2016 and March 2017, China ranks no. 1 in terms of dollar sales for the 4th straight year. Chinese buyers also bought the most housing units (40,572) for the 3rd consecutive year. To give a glimpse of the opportunities that the Chinese market presents, according to the Boston Consulting Group and China Industrial Bank reports in 2016, there will be:

100 million upper-middle-class Chinese;

280 million affluent Chinese; and

3.88 million high-net-worth Chinese by 2020.

Any one of them could be the buyer of your New York City real estate. Why limit your buyer base within the U.S.?

Meet the Emma Hao Team at Douglas Elliman.


Your needs are our priority. We are dedicated to providing you the highest level of service.

The Emma Hao Team was the top 1% of Douglas Elliman producer, Pinnacle Team Award Winner in 2017 and the Diamond Team Award Winner in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Our seasoned English and Chinese bilingual agents with backgrounds encompass accounting, international finance, law and technology, together with expert knowledge in the Chinese market, combined strengths in relationship "guanxi" building, social media marketing and negotiation in many facets of real estate transactions will provide you the expertise needed to navigate the nuances and complexities of selling to an unfamiliar but robust market.



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