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Depending on your need and how much you are willing pay, the budget can be very different. Comparing to other metrics, such as amenities, budget is the easiest, yet most effective one. Therefore, we highly recommend you to come up with a budget range first.
Real Estate Contract with Pen and Calculator


After you have your budge, we can start narrowing down your choices to a list by considering other preferences. These can include location, neighborhood, and amenities. After finalizing on a few choices, we can start scheduling viewing on the properties. 
Luxurious Bathtub

Document preparation

After making your decision, we can start preparing for the application process. Most of the time, the landlord would ask for your ID, financial statement, and other related materials. 

For international student: Proof of legal status in the US (passport, Visa, I20/DS-2019) and proof of enrollment (enrollment certificate, class schedule, acceptance letter). Sometimes a third party guarantor. 

For regular tenant: Source of income (usually 40x the monthly rent for annual income).

Document with Pen

Submitting application

Once you have all the necessary documents you can submit your application,  it can be approved within 30 days most of times. 
Signing Contract


Application fee, usually $20 in a rental building
Processing fee, usually $200-700 for a condominium
Broker/Leasing fee, usually 1 month rent 
Security Deposit, usually 1 month rent
​Insurance, depends on specific terms
Move-in fee, usually $1,000-$1,500 for a condominium.  A refundable deposit may also apply.
​Monthly Rent
Pile of Coins
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