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We specialize in buying, selling and managing investment properties for our international client base.  Our team has the resources to help you navigate the process and provide seamless access to our network of service providers, including attorneys,  lenders, accountants and general contractors

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We are excited to work with the clients for their property transactions. Whether they are interested in buying a new residence or selling an existing one, the Emma Hao Team is always ready to provide the most professional service that simplifies all the complexities in the process so that our clients can enjoy a hassle-free experience.

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Whether you are an investor looking to lease your property or you're a renter looking for the best New York properties ranging from studio apartments through to townhouses, we have direct access to extensive network of the city's best  listings services and offer a seamless experience by tailoring our search to your specific needs.

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Tenant Management: We understand that attracting and retaining quality tenants is crucial for the success of any real estate investment. Our team excels in tenant screening, lease negotiations, rent collection, and maintaining positive tenant relations. We handle all aspects of tenant management, ensuring occupancy rates are maximized and rental income is optimized.

Property Maintenance and Repairs: Maintaining your property's physical condition is vital to preserving its value and attracting tenants. Our management team oversees regular maintenance, inspections, and repairs, working with a network of trusted contractors and vendors. We ensure that your property remains in top condition while minimizing expenses and disruptions.

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